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Luxe Art Co. of Sydney, Australia

“We select beautiful fabrics from around the globe creating unique art to enlighten your space.”

Welcome to our store. Our exclusive Fabric art collections are made up using striking vintage, silk fabrics which have been carefully selected along our travels, then framed to create beautiful unique pieces.

Image on right: Hand painted silk artwork Safari Tribal

Interior Design Settings

Persian Pearl

Exquisite Circular Paisley Design-

In grape, dijon, navy and pewter. Vintage silk fabric with highlights in iridescent pearl. Will make a statement in any space. Box frame in black and champagne.

Estella Florentine

Pretty Melody Motif-

In radiant teals, fossil, graphite and flax with contrasting pale shades of vanilla. Beautifully framed in vintage gold box frame.

Madrid Sky

Symmetrical Petal Design-

In placid tones of coral, honey, nordic and pale blue with navy centre. Feel the energy of Madrid. A beautiful silk fabric from Spain. Box frame in black.

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